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Why you need to hire a Designer for your website

Posted on: November 5, 2007

Your cousin can draw some really nice pictures (besides, pencil strokes are simple and clean, just what you would like your website to be). Your friend knows some Photoshop (she uses it to make her pictures look prettier on social networking sites and she sure does a great job!). Your neighbour’s son is an avid blogger and his blog about iPhone over-clocking-or-something is quite nice. And all of these people have offered to design your website for free. Why would you even bother searching for and worst of all paying for a designer?

While a website designer’s job is indeed all of the above, web design encompasses much more than just drawing pretty pictures, editing photos and knowing HTML code. It’s not just a profession, it’s an art – therefore, not only does being a designer require deep industry knowledge, it also requires a touch of talent.

Let me point out a few important reasons why you probably need an experienced designer.

1. User Experience

A good web designer can predict how users will behave on a website from the moment they enter, what they will likely be looking for (and where they will be looking for it), can predict their interaction and movement around the site and optimize the site’s content and navigation accordingly. In some cases it is also important to optimize the site for different types of users, and the designer must be able to see into their minds (not literally as in telepathy, although it would help).

Each function or part of the website (e.g. newsletter sign-up) will work much better when presented in a compelling and straight-forward manner – in respect, poorly presented functions will be overlooked, or worse – ignored. User experience is thus one of the most important parts of web design, and an integral part of getting your message across to the customer (whether the message is “buy this now” or “come back later for new stuff”, it will be more – and in some cases only effective when presented in a clear and concise manner).

A designer’s task is to communicate an idea to the end-user, visually. So, if you think of it like that, bad design is bad communication.

2. Aesthetics

A nice web design can make your website look professional , trustworthy, and make it stand out of the crowd. The first few seconds a visitor looks around a website are usually the most important, because that is when the visitor forms his opinion, especially if he’s new and has never heard of or had any past experience with the company.

A bad web design will make visitors leave your site and never come back. The ‘net has been around long enough, and websites looking like 1995 simply don’t leave a positive impression on visitors anymore. Unless the visitor really is interested in something only you can offer, chances are he/she will look further.

If you don’t care how your company and your products/services are presented, how much do you really care about quality? It’s not enough if you know the answer to that question. Let your site’s visitors know too.

3. Innovation

Good designers strive to innovate, and even if your business is as old as the pyramids, the designer will find a new and interesting way to lure customers in, and to separate your website from the thousands of competitors it might have.A good looking and innovative website will get more traffic and that means more potential buyers. In fact, it might get so much traffic that you won’t need to spend that much on printed ads and other forms of advertising! – And that’s a good thing!

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